History of George Road Community Church

History of George Road Church

The history of the grounds of which George Road Community Church is situated on was purchased in 1855 once hosting a school building and a chapel. In 1884 the Church was built upon the grounds which stands majestically at top of a hill in the heart of Warley.

In the year 1910 the Church organ was obtain from Bradford Town Hall. Around 1915 came a cautionary tale of a young boy whom fell into the old well on the grounds and sadly drowned. The story remains part of local folklore that at the time served as a warning to local children of the dangers of playing near the well.

In the late 1940’s and 50’s the Sunday School was one of the biggest in the circuit and had to regularly used rooms from the local primary school. Other Church activities at this time, included The Guild Woman’s Meeting, Bible Class, Youth Organisation and Prayer Meetings.

The Window Scheme included a complete replacement of 27 windows of which it was proposed to serve as a memorial to Old Warley inhabitants who fell in the wars.

The Church was originally built as a Methodist Church and John Wesley preached here on several occasions.

However, due to a decline in numbers, the Church had to be sold and was bought by Kings Community Church Brandhall in February 1990.

The Church had a small burial site surrounding it and its garden management was left to a goat, owned by the caretaker, who ate his way to keeping the garden grass nice and trimmed at the time.